Can I get a Walk-in:

We love to offer walk-ins when time allows. This means your best chance of getting one is if you show up to the shop to inquire with an artist. Commute times are erratic enough that we may have time when you call but can not be certain we will still have time when you arrive at the shop. So whenever possible come into the shop.

Walk-ins are typically something that does not require extensive drawing, for those pieces we set up appointments.

How do I set up an appointment:

We set up all appointments in person. We do not charge for drawing and so take a $100 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit. This amount is deducted from the last session of your tattoo.

How do I prepare for a tattoo:
Do- show up well rested, well hydrated, well fed. Tattoos are far more comfortable of a process if you start off as comfortable as possible.